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French Food Hampers


As a family we have been fond of France and French food for many years. It is the favourite destiny for our holidays and we have lost count of the number of trips we have made.

We wanted to share this pleasure with others. And although French food and wine is readily available from your local supermarket nowadays, we wanted to bring you delicious items which are not so easily available. And the thought we had was that our selection of hampers would make ideal presents for people who, like us, want to share the experience with others.

Our favourite destination is a lovely and very French town called Gourdon, just north of the Dordoigne, pictured here. Much of the food in our hampers is sourced in or near this area, wherever practicable.

For Francophiles, you will already know how good French food is. For those of you who are new to French food, we do hope you will enjoy this taste of France.

Bon Appetit!

Carole Burdett



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